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Questions surround President Obama's link to IRS scandal


New developments in the IRS scandal involving an agency official who has been linked to President Obama.

Some are now questioning if that means the president himself was involved in the IRS Tea Party targeting.

During a congressional hearing about the ongoing IRS scandal, employees in the Cincinnati office who were reportedly responsible for processing Tea Party applications--say their instructions came from the IRS' chief counsel--who was a President Obama appointee in 2009.

"It wasn't really shocking that one of Obama's 2009 appointees looks like he had a big hand in the targeting of the Tea Party," says Becky Gerritson, President of the Wetumpka Tea Party.

She says the IRS targeted her group a few years ago.

Since then she has testified before congress and traveled across the country speaking at events and appearing on news programs.

"My life has gotten a little busy as of late," says Gerritson.

Gerritson's Tea Party group filed suit against the IRS a few months ago along with 40 other conservative groups nationwide.

Her attorneys told her, "the IRS and this administration are still dragging their feet. So we're kinda in a holding pattern right now."

There is no clear evidence to suggest President Obama had anything to do with the targeting.

But Gerritson says at this point, anything is possible.

"I have no idea what they're gonna find, but I do believe we will be continually surprised as this process goes on."

Although Gerritson is thankful the issue was brought to light, she still doesn't feel justice has been served especially since no one has been fired or penalized.

She also says some conservative groups are still waiting for tax exempt status and therefore haven't been able to raise any money.

She says some have been waiting more than three years.

There have also been documents recently released suggesting the IRS targeted progressive political groups as well.

Some lawmakers suggest there is confusion at the IRS over whether the law allows groups with non-profit tax status to engage in purely political activities.

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