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Hard Rock holds job fair in West Springfield


A job fair for the Hard Rock Casino was held at West Springfield Middle School on Saturday, with just more than two weeks before residents go to the polls to vote for the casino being in their city.

Once residents made their way through check-in and walked the red carpet, they had access to many types of Hard Rock employees.

The company said it is important to show off the diverse careers they would bring to the area.

"When they walk out, they're like I didn't know that would be the type of job that would be in a hotel and casino," said Hard Rock's vice president of human resources Kim Creighton. "We've got lifeguards, guest services, IT positions, even daycare because we'd have an onsite daycare."

"We want them to know that this is something that keeps our youth alive," said 74-year-old Douglas Cox, Hard Rock's director of corporate culture. "It's a great joy. Wherever Hard Rock properties have gone in, all over the world, the communities have really benefited from that."

Hard Rock said there will be 3,000 permanent jobs in their facility, which is on top of the 2,000 construction jobs to build the proposed resort on the Big E campus.

CBS 3 caught up with a West Springfield resident who believes it is a good situation for the city.

"It's a good opportunity for people within the town or even outstretched towns to work here," said Carol Duffy. "A lot of people commute and leave town because there's nothing local. They have to commute to Connecticut, Worcester or wherever."

Just outside of the middle school, members of the group "No Casino West Springfield" held signs for all to see as they entered the building.

The anti-casino group has been up and running for the past month, and said they have been gaining a lot of traction throughout the community.

They said a casino would bring in problems like crime and drunk driving. The also believe one of the biggest issues is the length of the proposed agreement.

"Hard Rock wants to sign a 75-year lease for this town," said the group's president Nathan Bech. "If we, after three to five years, say wait a minute - traffic is unbearable, crime is unbearable, poverty is unbearable - the problems that it's bringing, we don't want them anymore. There's not going to be anything we can do about it. They're getting ready to sign a 75-year lease, so West Springfield voters need to know the whole story."

"No Casino West Springfield" said they are doing what they can to get their message out, but they are being outmatched by Hard Rock's campaign.

The vote on the host community agreement with Hard Rock is set for Tuesday, Sept. 10.

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