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Allstate Insurance Company sued by company retirees


Allstate retiree Garnet Turner is suing the insurer to protect the life insurance benefit he claims he was promised.  Turner, a resident of Montgomery, Alabama, and a 32?year veteran Allstate agent, was notified by Allstate in July that the benefit would be cancelled in 2015.


Turner, who retired in the 1990s, filed suit after receiving that news.  He is represented by the national law firm Heninger Garrison Davis.  HGD partner Lew Garrison blames the company for trying to boost its bottom line on the backs of retirees.  "Allstate should not profit from broken promises to its most productive and important employees," he said.  "These folks worked hard for years and sold a lot of Allstate policies, and they rely on the company to maintain the retirement benefits promised."


Turner began working for Allstate as an agent in 1963 and received several awards and honors over the decades.  On retirement, as a benefit, he was promised a $90,000 life insurance policy for the rest of his life, at no charge to him, according to his attorneys.


The cancellation of the benefit coincides with a cost-cutting campaign by Allstate.  The Chicago Tribune, in a report in July, the same month Allstate notified Turner, called the cost-cutting a top priority of the company.  Turner's attorneys filed the suit in response.  It is a class action for all retirees affected.


More is at stake than a broken promise, the attorneys say.   Retirees like Turner, in view of their age, likely cannot get replacement insurance.  HGD attorney Taylor Bartlett, who also represents Turner, explains: "Based on Allstate's promise, Turner and other retirees chose not to purchase fixed-cost life insurance at a younger age when such insurance was reasonably priced. These retirees cannot find life insurance today at reasonable rates and may be forced out of their coverage as a result."


More information on the suit may be found on the Chicago Tribune webpage, at, and at


Turner's suit is Turner v. Allstate Insurance Co., 2:13-cv-00685-MEF, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama.


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