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Bed bugs invade blind, elderly woman's Richmond home


A frustrated Richmond woman called NBC 12. She says a bed bug infestation is making her blind, elderly mother feel like a prisoner in her own home.

Mrs. Bridgett's mother says she can even feel them crawling on her in the middle of the night! Our nbc12 investigation led to promises of immediate action addressing the biting problem.

The Richmond Redevelopment Housing Authority admits they are tackling what they call a nationwide epidemic.

"This is ridiculous," said Geraldine Bridgett. "It needs to be taken care of."

Bridgett says the elderly housing units located along 1200 Decatur Street are infested with bed bugs.

"This is inhumane," said Bridgett who claims her 76-year-old mother has dealt with the infestation for 6 months. "She is actually blind. She has been living independently for a long time, but this right here is upsetting me so bad that I can't allow her to continue to live in a place that is this infested with bed bugs."

Our cameras were rolling as other residents trashed pieces of their furniture infested with bed bugs.

"I believe this whole building needs to be quarantined," said Bridgett. "These residents need to be relocated."

We got our hands on a letter from the Richmond Redevelopment Housing Authority. They are promising action on the family's apartment as early as next Monday, but Bridgett worries about the other residents.

"If your home is infested with bed bugs they can drive you crazy," said David Gaines with the state health department. "Since before I was born, it has not been this bad in this country."

RRHA released a statement to NBC 12.

"The health and well-being of RRHA community members is the agency's top priority," read the statement in part. "According to a study conducted by Rollins Inc. in 2012, Richmond ranks among the 12 worst cities nationwide for bedbugs. Because bedbugs are considered "hitch hikers," they are easily and unintentionally carried into any living environment."

The authority says the treatment will come at no cost to the family.

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