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Saban really proud of his players in the second half

Nick Saban (Source: WBRC video) Nick Saban (Source: WBRC video)

Alabama head coach Nick Saban seemed to be really proud of the football team, or at least he was proud of their efforts in the latter part of the game. In his postgame press conference, Saban told reporters how proud he was of the Tide after halftime.

This was a tremendous atmosphere for a college football game tonight. I was really proud of our players in the second half. I thought they did a fantastic job," said Saban as he opened the press conference.

Despite his praise, Saban said the team needs to be wary of upcoming challenges. He mentioned last year's win over LSU where the triumphant Tide seemed to play at sub-par levels in the following games.

"Last year when we won this game, we didn't play well the next week. I think our players have to have the 24 hour rule. You had a great win. You celebrate that win then you gotta focus on improving and the next challenge that we have," said Saban.

The next challenge for the Crimson Tide is an away game at Mississippi State. Kickoff time has not been announced.

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