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Snow in Charlotte? In November? Yep, that happened


Double check your calendar all you want. It was in fact snowing Tuesday night in Charlotte. Thanksgiving is two weeks away and we saw the first flakes of the season in the Charlotte metro area.

While others may be lamenting the first flakes of the season -- Anja Workman, of Charlotte, is clearly excited!

"It was beautiful," she exclaimed. "Makes me think of Christmas and the holidays and I'm ready for it."

But some of you be thinking -- really? Can we at least get through Thanksgiving first? And perhaps more importantly -- could this be a sign of the winter to come?

"It's a little freakish, but it's alright," Workman admitted. "Charlotte's known to have freakish weather. It's ok."

Something Amir Shenaq, a transplant from Atlanta, is quickly learning.

"It's a nice welcome to the winter months and the holiday season," he said.  

But he admits it did catch him by surprise.

"Not expecting it," he said. "Um, a little slippery driving and I don't think many other drivers were aware either."

And just as quickly as it came -- an hour later -- the flurries and flakes were all gone leaving behind only wet streets and the memory of the magic of the first snowfall.  

Still, Workman says she is savoring the memory, adding, "my boys and I loved it," she said. "We had a great time. We had hot chocolate, warm cookies."

And secretly, hoping for more during the holiday season.

"I don't want to rush it," said Workman. "Especially with Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks but I do appreciate the holiday season and it does make things feel cozier."

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