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Officials give advice on what to do if you encounter a wrong-way driver


There is an increase in wrong-way crashes during the holidays for a number of factors.

So, what should you do when seconds matter and you're faced with a wrong-way driver?

Channel 4 spoke with police officers for their advice and here's what they said:

  1. Get to the shoulder as fast as you can and stop. You have to make some very split-second decisions, and the first one is to pull over right away.
  2. When you're pulled over, flash your lights and honk your horn. Try to get the driver's attention, but remember to do this when you've pulled over.
  3. Call 911. If there is enough time before an accident happens, an officer can try to stop the driver.
  4. Never turn around and follow the driver. Officers say this is the most important piece of advice. This puts you and other drivers in danger.

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