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Marco Kauffman laid to rest


Family and friends gathered to pay their respects to a Rowan County fire fighter shot in the head during a burglary at his home.

Marcus 'Marco' Kauffman was laid to rest Monday. The Memorial Service was held at Mac Grey Auditorium at Statesville High School.

"God is good through everything" said family friend Matt Yoder. "It's one of the best funerals I've ever been at. One of the most touching funerals."

Yoder, who has known the Kauffmans from when the family lived in Maryland, said the touching part was "just how real He is to the family, and those involved, and those that prayed and believed God for his healing."

Yoder added "God didn't heal him the way we thought he would but for the family to come out and say God is still good and they're still smiling through their tears - that speaks volumes."

In the program for the Memorial Service, the family wrote "Marco leaves behind a gaping hole in our hearts, but we look forward to the day when we will be reunited, wrapped once again in his tight hug."

The family said 'Marcus worked for the family business building drawer boxes with his father and brother. He was a volunteer fire fighter, an avid Panthers fan, a member at Cleveland Believers' Fellowship, part of a prison ministry choir, and deeply in love with his beautiful wife and unborn son."

At the end of the program, they wrote "we cannot thank you all enough for your care, support, and prayers through this difficult time. We have tasted in a real way the body of Christ carrying each other's burdens. Thank you."

Marco's wife is expecting the couple's first child in a couple of months.

The Kauffmans say "Maryann will need abundant Grace as she faces bringing their dear little boy into the world, and raising him without Marco by her side. Please continue to lift her, and all of us, to the Lord."

"It's very mixed emotions because as sad as it is to see the grief the family is going through - it is as much joy as there is because of how good God is" said Yoder.

After the service, a long line to cars followed the family and the hearse to Cleveland Believers Fellowship Church in Woodleaf, where Marco was buried.

Visitation took place there Sunday. Hundreds of people came out in the rain to pay their respects.

Kauffman died Friday after being taken off life support when doctors could no longer find any brain activity.

Police have arrested four men in connection to his shooting. Two men, 23 year old Khari Mclelland and 19 year old Jeland Turner, are now facing first degree murder charges.

Fire Chief Trey Hoshall with the Scotch Irish Fire Department where Marco worked, says a fundraiser and blood drive will be held January 17 and 18.

Money to help the Kauffman family will be raised through a BBQ chicken dinner at the fire department.

 For more information on the fundraiser and blood drive, click here.

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