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Truck drivers react to tractor-trailer crashes during snowstorm


As the snowstorm began Thursday morning, two tractor-trailer crashes shut down part of Interstate 91 in Longmeadow and the Mass Pike in Westfield.

Truck drivers that CBS 3 spoke with later in the day said they are very familiar with the driving conditions, but they are more concerned with the people who are sharing the roads with them.

"When it gets slippery like this you have got to watch other people," said William DeGroat, who has been driving trucks for 29 years.

Based out of New York, DeGroat travels through the Springfield area four times a week.

While he did not see Thursday's crashes, he believes there is a chance a personal car was involved.

"They don't consider a truck, it's 80,000 pounds," DeGroat stated. "Going down the road it takes a little time to stop. They'd rather pull out in front, no second thought or anything about their life or anybody else's."

And while crashes like the one on I-91 caused time issues for everyone, DeGroat said it hurt truck drivers even more.

"We only have so many hours to drive and that's it," said DeGroat. "We have a 14-hour day. My day is supposed to be coming out delivering, going back and grab another partial load to deliver the next day. With something like this, it just isn't going to happen."

"It's the snow, it's the ice, it's not too good to drive," said Kryzsztof Jakubowski, a truck driver with 32 years of experience. "[It's] very slow and be careful because the road is not too good."

Jakubowski's current route takes him from Windsor, CT, to Springfield and back on a daily basis. No matter how bad the weather gets, he said he would be hard pressed to not take his truck out on the road.

"This is my job," said Jakubowski. "Some people work in the shops, some in the stores, but my job is driving."

With the time delays, all the truck drivers we spoke with also said a day like Thursday hurts a lot financially.

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