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Suspect in death of Tucson woman and dogs faces more charges

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A Tucson woman arrested for the murder of a local artist has just been indicted.

Michelle Marie Price, 39, is now formally charged with second degree murder, possession of a deadly weapon and two counts of cruel mistreatment of an animal.

Linda Daley, 64, was found dead on Nov. 21 in her home near "A" Mountain on Tucson's west side.  Two dogs were also found dead in the home.  Court documents state one of the dogs belonged to Daley, the other one belonged to Price.

A newly released probation report is shedding more light on Price's mental health issues in the months preceding the homicide.

A probation officer states Price had just been hospitalized at the Crisis Response Center after suffering from a psychotic episode about one month before the murder of Linda Daley and the dogs.

Court documents also state Price had gone through a tough time after the death of her father and after she lost custody of her child following an incident in 2008.

Court documents state in 2008, Price was accused of stabbing the father of her child in the chest.  In that case, court documents state Price said she suffered from visual and auditory hallucinations, bipolar mood disorder, delusions, and scizo-affective disorder.

"It's totally callous.  To kill a human being in the fashion Linda died is unbelievable," said Jon Friedman, a friend of victim Linda Daley.

In a statement of probable cause, police say two days before the murder, Price showed up at Daley's home with her dog, looking for a place to live.

"This woman was known to her as an associate of her daughter's, but she was also known as a bad news person.  Linda might have been too trusting to let her in," said Friedman.

Court documents state Daley had confided in a neighbor about housekeeping issues she planned to discuss with Price, just hours before she was killed.

In newly released court documents a probation officer who spoke to Price stated that she had been struggling due to the extreme heat and bad side effects from her medication in the hot summer months.  Court reports state, a month before the murder, Price suffered from a psychotic episode and was admitted into the crisis center.  Price told her probation officer that she had stopped taking her medication because of bad side effects.  She felt she had been mis-diagnosed, and on the day after the crime, court documents stated that Price told her probation officer she felt "foggy".

"There is no question she needed help.  People in her condition who understand they need to take their meds and voluntarily decide not to take their meds, this is a problem," said Friedman.

Price is now behind bars in the Pima County Jail.

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