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How much is too much weight loss?

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - We’re halfway through month two of your New Year’s resolutions, and while some are sticking to their plan to lose weight, others are taking that goal too far, by losing too much weight.

"I've been the fat girl my whole life, grew up overweight, you name the diet, been there done that," said Monica Keith.

About three years ago, Keith made a lifestyle change. She started going to the gym, and eating healthy, and she’s seeing the changes.

"Last night I hit my 97 pound mark," said Keith.

For this veterinarian it’s more than shedding almost a hundred pounds, she’s really changed her life.

"The girl who said can't run, I could never run, less than a year later I've done three 5ks, a 10k, and three weeks ago I finished my first half marathon," said Keith.

It’s all a high that for some trying to lose weight could go too far.

"They need to make their exercise time and a diet a priority, and there is a possibility that a person that is focusing that much on those specific things could take it to extreme levels and perhaps finding themselves in an unhealthy way in the other direction," said Raina Childers, a registered dietitian with Southeast Healthpoint.

Childers encourages clients to make short term goals so it motivates them to lose weight but doesn’t overtake their life.

It’s health experts like Childers, that Keith said are helpful in the journey to lose weight, but not lose too much.

"I have people who do health and fitness for a living to advise and make sure I'm not going crazy with trying to not lose too much," said Keith.

If you reach your goal, and want to maintain a weight, Childers said you should eat about 12 calories for every pound that you want to weigh.

If you think someone might be losing too much weight, Childers also said you should look for signs of their nutrition to be compromised such as in their skin, hair, and how their clothes fit.

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