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East Prairie farmers get new way to keep eye on crops


Farmers in East Prairie, Missouri are getting a new way to keep an eye on their crops this season.

MRM AG Services is now using an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV to keep an eye on customers' fields. The "drone" lets farmers see their fields from an eagle-eye view.

On Tuesday, the crew at MRM was getting training on flying the UAV. They plan on using it to spot parts of the crops that may not be growing so well. Farmers will also use the pictures to search for any disease or insect problems.

"You know a crop scout can only do so much on the ground," said Kevin Mainord with MRM. "He can only see so much; and the UAV with the camera system that's gonna be equipped with will allow a unique perspective of the crop that we have never been able to see in the past."

In their practice on Tuesday, the scouts found the UAV was pretty easy to control. It gave them a great view of the fields.

MRM plans to use the drone on a trial basis for the next year or so.

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