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Illinois bill requires prescription for cold meds

Many Heartland communities already require a prescription to buy pseudoephedrine.

Now, if one Illinois state senator has his way you'll need that prescription if you want to buy the drug anywhere in Illinois.

Since 2006, medication containing the ingredient pseudo ephedrine was removed from store shelves and placed behind pharmacy counters.

The identity of purchasers is recorded on daily and monthly limits.

But, State Senator Dave Koehler - the sponsor of the bill - says that law doesn't go far enough.

Criminals are still cooking meth.

Koehler proposes making pseudo ephedrine a controlled substance.

Meaning if you want to get your hands on it you're going to need a doctor's prescription.

A coordinator with the Southern Illinois Enforcement Group, who can't be identified says, meth has always been a problem  but this measure will help keep the number of labs down.

"We are kind of biased because it is going to make our job a little easier but it is not going to take away methamphetamine it will just reduce the labs," he said.

Some pharmacists say it's going to cause some frustration for customers it won't be as convenient to run to the store and get the medicine for the flu.

If passed, Illinois would be the third state to return pseudoephedrine to controlled substance status.

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