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District doesn't know who complained about active shooter training

FARMINGTON, MO (KFVS) - Dozens of staff members at Farmington High School took an active shooter training.

But the St. Francois County Prosecuting Attorney said some called his office with a few concerns. Now schools officials are trying to figure out just what those concerns are.

“It’s pretty real life scenarios,” said Farmington Assistant Superindent Ashley Krause.

For almost a year, staff members in Farmington schools can take an active shooter training.

“Scenarios where we are locked down in our room, and we have to stay in our room,” said Derrick Eaves.

Eaves is a math teacher at Farmington High School. He’s taken the training twice and said it’s helpful.

“I feel much more confident and comfortable God forbid that situation happens here,” said Eaves.

But the last time the school offered the training, school officials got a call from the prosecuting attorney saying some staff members were calling him with interest in legal advice against participating in the training.

“I’m sorry there were staff members that didn’t feel they could come forward and opt out of it," said Krause. "However so we’ve been told through the prosecuting attorney there were, but we are not aware of who those people are.”

Krause said not everyone participated or had to participate. She said at least 30 staff members opted out and worked on other projects in their classrooms.

“Both times I’ve done it, before the live scenarios started, they asked who did and did not want to participate,” said Eaves.

High School Principal Nathan Hostetler said he thinks the training works.

“Being told how to respond in a situation like this is good, but there’s nothing quite like being put in the situation and being asked to make those decisions while there’s some adrenaline flowing, while there’s some pressure on the situation,” said Hostetler.

“The more proactive you get with situations you aren’t comfortable with and aren’t wonderful things to experience, the better your reaction is going to be,” said Krause.

A parent said she’s glad teachers are preparing for any situation. It’s something soon-to-be father Eaves agrees with.

“I just hope when my child gets to that age the teachers that they’re with will have this training,” said Eaves.

“That’s what it’s all about in this district is keeping our kids safe,” said Krause.

Prosecuting Attorney Jarrod Mahurin said he cannot comment on this situation because there are no documents or legal action at this time.

Krause said they survey staff members after each training, and so far haven’t had negative feedback, so they don’t know where these complaints are coming from.

Students were not part of this training, but do watch a video on how to react in case of an intruder.

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