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3 Illinois GOP governor candidates attend Lincoln Day Dinner


The top three GOP candidates for Illinois' Governor shook a few hands and hopefully won a few more votes on Saturday night.

The three gubernatorial candidates all attended the Lincoln Day Dinner as they swung through southern Illinois leading up to the primary elections on March 18th.

And each one of them is offering voters a little something different in 2014.

"I want to be pro-free market capitalism, pro-growth and pro-jobs as priority one," Bruce Rauner said. "I also want to bring down the spending in Springfield so we can reduce the tax burden on our citizens. Our taxes are too high and our spending is out of control. I know how to do that as a business man."

A couple of the candidates are looking to create term limits for all of Illinois' legislative leaders. And in the process hopefully restore some confidence in themselves with the people of Illinois.

"It's all got to be about getting confidence to the business community and families," Illinois Senator Bill Brady said. "Delivering on the tax cut, balancing our budget. I'm putting and executive order together to eliminate the State Board of Education and giving more power to parents and teachers."

Cutting taxes is the one thing that all the candidates seeking to unseat the current governor can agree on. But then the challenge will be keeping the state out of financial troubles with less revenue.

"We have an archaic tax structure. We're going to make major changes in our workers compensation system to make us competitive with the rest of the mid-western states," Illinois State Sen. Kirk Dilliard said. "And then I'm going to do what I did as Governor Edgar's Chief of Staff, we're going to make this state live within its means."

One big x-factor looming out there on the horizon for whoever is sitting in the governor's office in 2015 is the massive under-funded Illinois State Pension Program. And billions of dollars in unpaid bills from this current fiscal year.

The Williamson County Republican Women's Club hosted the Lincoln Day Dinner there at the Marion VFW Post 1301.

The keynote speaker for the event was Retired Vice Admiral Nancy Brown, she served for 32 years as the Director Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems for the Joint Chiefs of Staff within the U.S. Department of Defense.

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