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Officials say weather to blame for high electric bills

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High electric bills have taken many of us by surprise this winter. Many people have said their bills have doubled.

Officials at one electric company say the cold weather is to blame for those higher bills.

Will Yates said his bill from SEMO Electric doesn't make sense.

"The only thing I use is a wood stove, so how can you bring up about a $600 electric bill burning wood," he asked.

Other customers say they're chalking it up to the weather.

SEMO Electric officials say cold temps are mostly to blame.

"Different variables that go into why someone's energy bill is so high, we just don't have one answer that we can give."

Glen Cantrell said if you're concerned about your bill, try tracking it yourself.

"They can go out, read they meters, multiply that times the rate and see how much it's costing them every day," he said.

Yates claims his rates are higher than they should be, but Cantrell said if you do the math, you see rates are the same compared to last year.

Barbara Smith said if you have concerns, let them know.

"We want to work with our members," she said. "We want to help them any way we can and they just need to call and talk with us about their high bills."

Cantrell said that other factors, like the type of home you live in, also play a role in your electric costs. If you're really concerned, Cantrell suggested getting an energy audit done on your home.

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