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Dexter man found guilty of murder second degree

Glen Scott Evans Glen Scott Evans
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A Dexter man facing murder charges learned his fate in court on Friday.

Glen Scott Evans found not guilty of first degree murder. He was found guilty of murder second degree, according to the circuit clerk's office. Evans is scheduled to be sentenced on May 5 in Jackson, Mo.

The murder trial for the Dexter man began Tuesday in Cape Girardeau.

Scott Evans was accused of killing 34-year-old Sean Crow of Bernie last year.

Authorities say someone shot Crow outside the Advance McDonalds.  Someone found his body the next day inside his truck.

Stoddard County prosecutor Russ Oliver relased the following statement:

“I am very pleased with the jury’s verdict. Over the course of the last four days we presented extensive evidence, which included the admission of the defendant that he knew Matt Cook had a gun, that he knew Matt Cook was luring the victim to the location he would be shot, that Matt Cook had a score to settle, security camera footage that showed that the defendant parked his car with a clear line of sight to the victim’s parked car, that the Defendant sat there and watched the victim for 8 minutes until the parking lot and gas pumps became empty, once the parking lot was empty the defendant drove around the back of McDonalds and waited in the shadows with Matt Cook with a clear line of sight to the victim’s truck for 30 seconds, the defendant then let Matt Cook out and drove to the pre-determined pick up location, that as the defendant drove by the victim he “couldn’t look at him”, that after Matt Cook showed up at the pick up location and told the Defendant that Cook shot Crow the defendant sat there another five minutes with the shooter, the defendant then drove the shooter back to Sean Crow’s truck to finish the job, that the defendant then helped Matt Cook destroy evidence, the defendant let Matt Cook stay at his house for four days, that after the murder he drank with Matt Cook, partied with Matt Cook and was still calling Cook his buddy four days after the murder.”

“We have given a voice to the victim and his family, justice has been served,” said Oliver.

Matt Cook is scheduled for jury trial in December

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