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Troy City Council tables law limiting amount of dogs residents can own


Troy Resident Patty Freeman owns five dogs. Freeman says, as it's written, the proposed new leash law is unrealistic for responsible animal lovers like herself.

That is why she made it her business to attend the Troy City Council meeting on Tuesday.

It only allows up to three dogs per household and there's a barking restriction.

"And with that barking law, we'll be fined left and right. We don't need to be punished, and people that want to take in strays and find them homes and make sure they are taking well care of. Don't punish the ones that do good for the animals," Freeman said.

The residential feedback could have been a factor in prompting the council to table the vote.

Officials say they will continue to study this leash law, and bring it back for discussion sometime this summer.

"The comments that we received and put together a new document, an amended document that we will circulate amongst the public," said John Witherington, a Troy City Council Member. "We are pretty serious about having a leash law. We think it's time to do that."

In other council action tonight, members unanimously voted to pass the draft beer ordinance. It allows restaurants and bars to sell draft beer, which is something many vendors and residents in Troy wanted.

The mayor says he will sign the draft beer ordinance Tuesday night. The law will go into effect on Thursday.

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