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Neighbors at earthquake's epicenter recall tense moments


Neighbors who live right at the center of where Wednesday's 3.2 magnitude earthquake struck are speaking out. Researchers tracked the quake's epicenter to Doolittle Lane in Amelia County.

While the earthquake originated on Dolittle Lane in Amelia, NBC 12 received tons of phone calls and emails from viewers saying they felt it from Chesterfield to Richmond to Powhatan and Henrico.

"The bed started shaking and I heard all this rumbling," said Gloria Sexton.

She would know. She lives on the very road where some chaotic moments left a community in shock.

"Maybe 15 minutes later, it did it again. We felt it shake again," she said.

It struck at 9:45 p.m. Wednesday in a rural area of Amelia, eight miles southwest of Powhatan. Thursday, neighbors spent the day swapping stories of what they all witnessed.

"I just heard the noise…like thunder. At least 10 seconds. It seemed longer," said Patricia West.

It was the topic of conversation at nearby KB's Pit Stop.

"We've had people coming in saying that they did hear it," said employee Melissa Jones.

She even felt it herself.

"I live near the road so I thought maybe someone hit the house or left the tractor in neutral and it hit the house or something," Jones said.

Children, like 13-year-old Makaila Pugh, were awaken from their sleep.

"I was laying on my bed and a big crash came from outside and I thought the house was falling in," she said.

That's when she ran into her mother's room.

"The kids took off running in the bedroom [saying] 'Mom, mom, what's that'…He thought it was a jet too falling into the house," West said.

The tremors causing high tensions that were quickly calmed.

"By the time you realized stuff was shaking, it was over. It was just real quick….The ground is not supposed to move," Jones said.

But it did, causing unexpected memories - this rural community won't soon forget.

"I never thought it would happen here," West said.

Officials from the U.S. Geological Survey did not travel to this area, but were able to document what occurred from their central offices. There are no reports of major damage or injuries.

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