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Does It Work: DuPont Scratch Repair Stick

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Chances are, unless you have a brand new car, your vehicle has a scratch or two and fixing those blemishes can be expensive.

On this week's Does It Work, we test what could be a cheap alternative to restoring that original perfection with the DuPont Repair Stick.

Nobody likes nicks, scrapes or scratches, but now you can instantly erase clear coat scratches on any color car with the DuPont Pro Fusion Color Scratch Repair Stick.

It's kind of like a pen that supposedly eliminates unsightly blemishes in seconds. Give it a shake and apply to the scratch.

We used a pair of vehicles for this test with scratches on a silver and red car. Scratches popped more on the red one, so we started there.

After cleaning the surface, run the tip of the repair stick over the scratch. Even though it looks much better, if you look close enough the scratch is not completely gone.

Now on the silver car, scratches don't pop as much given the lighter color. Sure enough the repair stick did a much better job at concealing the evidence.

So the scratch repair stick is all about managing expectations. I tried to get rid of about half a dozen scratches on the side of this red car with some moderate success. However, it depends on a couple of things. If it's a deep scratch, it's not going to have a whole lot of luck. The shallower the scratch is on the car, the better the chance that the pen will work.

Something else that matters is how keen of an eye you have. If you're looking close at this even with the repair stick in mind, you're still going to see a scratch. But at a casual glance it looks better.

So through managing your expectations I could recommend this, but have to only give it a sometimes on this week's Does It Work.

The DuPont Repair Stick won't set you back an arm and a leg. You can find them locally for ten bucks.

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