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Family vacationing in Kansas City snaps selfie with president

(Courtesy: Natalie Carrado) (Courtesy: Natalie Carrado)

People are still buzzing about the presidential visit to Kansas City and that includes one family from Denver who took a selfie with the president at Arthur Bryant's Barbeque.

After speaking with the Carrado family, it might now be known who's responsible for President Barack Obama not getting any coleslaw when he tried to order it at the restaurant. The family said they ate some just before the Commander-in-chief walked in and they took a selfie with him Tuesday night.

"The secret service came in and said 'everybody, a VIP is coming,'" Natalie Carrado said.

The Carrado family is vacationing in Kansas City from Denver and didn't know who would walk in the door at the barbeque restaurant.

"We had limos and police motorcycles and K9's and I guess there was a helicopter," Carrado said.

Her husband and 15-year-old son did not stick around to see who was coming to the restaurant.

"They are a fan of no man. My husband is a minister and said 'I'm a fan of Jesus and I'm out' so we decided to stay to see who it was," she said.

The mother took video of the president and snapped a selfie with her son and his friend.

"He said hi to everyone, which is nice. He might not be my favorite, but he came in and was respectable and then went and ordered," Carrado said. 

The president ordering coleslaw has turned into a bit of a scandal as Arthur Bryant's had to sadly tell him they were sold out.

"The kids ate it and I guess it was sold out by the time he got there and I bet the kids would have given up there slaw for him," Carrado said.

The members of the Carrado family who stayed at Arthur Bryant's said it's not every day you get to meet the president and they were happy they stuck around.

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