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Family of Pravin Varughese file lawsuit

The family of an SIU student found dead earlier this year has filed multiple lawsuits related to the death of their son, Pravin Varughese.

The initial investigation by the Carbondale Police department found Varughese froze to death after getting lost in the woods along route 13.

But his family claims that wasn't the case and hired their own investigators.

Now they say they have proof their son was attacked before he died.

The lawsuit accuses the city of Carbondale and the Chief of police of negligence.

It also accuses the driver, who apparently was last seen with Varughese of wrongful death.

Over the last six months, members of the Varughese family say investigators have kept them in the dark and all they want are answers.

Dressed in red, a bow tie on the front of their shirts, family members say they're paying tribute to Pravin Varughese.

“He will be with us everywhere,” says Lovely Varughese.

Varughese's family walked in to the Jackson County Courthouse hopeful that by filing a lawsuit they'll be able to someday get the closure they need.

“I'm so sorry that it had to come down to this for us to get some kind of justice or truth,” she says.

The lawsuit accuses the driver who they believe was the last person to see Varughese the night he disappeared – of hitting him in the head with a “blunt force instrument.”

According to Lovely Varughese, The family's private autopsy results show bruises on his face and arms.

“There is a report that Pravin was alive for a good 24 hours since the injury. That is really a killer for us that we were not there to help him,” she says.

The family's lawyer says they hope the lawsuit will speed up the investigation process.

“And unfortunately you have to resort to filing lawsuits to hold the people accountable that may or may not of caused the untimely death of Pravin,” says Charles Stegmeyer.

The defendants have 30 days to respond to the lawsuit.

The family is seeking compensation of over a million dollars.

The investigation into Pravin's death is still under review by the State's Attorney office.

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