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8/12/14 - Back To School

Can you believe it is time for school to start back again? It seems that, once again, I’m trapped in the wake of a summer which has flown by at light speed, wondering where all that time went. Back to school supplies are purchased, back packs are filled, and kids all over the Heartland are ready, if not willing, for school to start.

With visions of summer still in young students' heads, I am sure that teachers in all districts will work hard to get their students to pay attention during these first days and weeks of school. To take a page out of their teacher’s guide, I believe it is important for adults to take that into consideration and pay attention as well, and that includes me.

Folks, let’s all make a commitment to pay attention when we’re driving, to watch out for kids walking to and from school, and make sure that we slow down in school zones. Let’s be prepared to stop when buses put those flashers on and watch out for the students getting on and off. For all the moms and dads sitting and waiting in a car line, let’s commit to put the cell phone down and pay attention to the children, both ours and others, weaving in and out. And when we get the kids home, let’s make sure that we pay them some personal attention too. Let’s make sure to talk about their day, listen to their concerns, and help them solve their problems. Make sure homework gets done and make sure that we give them every opportunity to succeed. Paying attention - a simple lesson that will pay off both in school and in life

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