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Students from Ferguson feel safe at Southeast Missouri State University

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Students at Southeast Missouri State will start moving in Thursday, but a few students moved in early.

That's because Southeast Missouri State University President Kenneth Dobbins sent a letter to students in the Ferguson-Florissant area, saying they can move in early, due to the unrest in the area.

According to Southeast, 15 students requested to move in early, and nine did. Three of those nine were freshman, three were sophomores and three were seniors.

Junior Charmaura Henderson is from Ferguson and said she knows other people who wanted to move in early, but were unable to because of transportation issues.

She was already planning to move in a few days early because she's helping with back to school activities.

But she said the events in Ferguson made her even more glad to move back to Southeast.

"When it first happened, I was like okay, my goodness that's crazy, but then as things kept going and it got worse, and businesses were destroyed, I was just like oh my god I need to get away from here," said Henderson.

Henderson said she feels like she has a family at Southeast, and said she's thankful they care about the students from the Ferguson area.

Henderson said she chose to go to school at Southeast because she's a “daddy's girl” and still wanted to be close to her family.

She said it's been tough hearing about the unrest in Ferguson.

She hears stories like her aunt who lives on West Florissant has been stuck at her family's house because of the chaos on her aunt's street.

Henderson said she's just glad Southeast let students from the area move in early.

"I, and I know a lot of other people who are from the Ferguson-Florissant area, really appreciate the fact that we were given the opportunity to move back, whether or were staying on campus or off campus, just even the fact that they're opening up the dining services early because they weren't supposed to be open until tomorrow I don't think, just the simple things, the simple steps that the university and the faculty have taken, to ensure that we feel safe,” said Henderson.

Henderson said they just want the chaos to die down, so they can get to root of the issue and let justice prevail.

She said it can be a difficult subject to talk about with people because it is such a heated topic, but she's glad to be with her Southeast Missouri family.

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