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Volunteers clean up vandalized Union County cemetery


Workers from JW Reynolds Monument Company donated their time in Union County after several tombstones toppled over.

One at a time, crew members lifted, pushed, and pulled 4,000 pound gravestones back in place.

It's backbreaking work.

“We have a 2,500 pound lift gate, and it won't hardly raise it,” says Joey Vaughn, one of the crew members.

More than 15 headstones, ranging in size from 200 pounds to more than 3,000 pounds, were pushed over in early August by vandals.

“It takes a lot of guys working together, using their head and working as a team,” said Vaughn.

This isn't the first time the graveyard has been targeted, but it's the worse the crew members have ever seen.

“This time they took all of the big stuff and left the little stuff standing,” he said.

“We've done a lot of areas that go back to the Civil war even,” said Rhonda Webb with the company.

Webb, who brought her employees to site wonders why anyone would target a cemetery.

She hopes whoever is responsible realizes the impact their actions have on the families of those who are buried here.

“It is difficult for the men, in the heat, but they're chugging along,” she said.

No headstones were damaged.

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