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IRS warns against caller ID 'spoofing' scams


The IRS is continuing to warn people about a scam that's being used to steal from taxpayers.

According to the IRS, the scammers call and tell victims they owe overdue taxes.

The scammers often know details about their victims, including their age, location and family members. They pressure victims into paying with the threat of jail.

The IRS said if someone owes them money, they will never pressure them with a shakedown phone call.

This scam and others are creating confusion about legitimate calls from government agents. The scammers can "spoof" the number of the IRS and other agencies, so caller ID is unreliable.

The Federal Trade Commission has provided several tips to avoid the scam. They said if the alleged government agency asks for money to be sent immediately, it's a dead giveaway.

The FTC also said a government agency will never ask anyone to put money on a prepaid debit card and give them the number.

A way to get around caller ID spoofing is to look up the real number online or in a phone book and call back to double check the story.

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