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Woman speaks after being stuck in mud for a day


A Carmi woman is recovering after being stuck in the mud for a day.

Amy Chitwood says she screamed for help until she lost her voice - but no one could hear her.

She says it's a miracle that she survived the hours of exposure.

Chitwood says she went for a walk along trail on the Wabash River Saturday when she fell into some mud.

Only that mud acted more like quicksand and it would be over 24 hours before anyone would find her.

"I thought I was never going to get out," Chitwood said.  "I thought I was going to die there and nobody was going to find me."

She says the fall injured her hip and she screamed for help.

Up to her waist in mud, she fought all day to get out then nightfall hit.

"To me it was freezing," Chitwood said. "I dozed off and on. I took my shirt off and wrapped it around me to get warm."

By then, everyone who knew Chitwood, along with police was out looking for her.

"I didn't have the strength to move, even to open my eyes," she said.

The White County Sheriff's department says they got a report of a dead body after a fisherman stumbled across her body.

"I opened my eyes and forced myself to move so they knew I was alive," she said.

It took nearly 10 people and a truck to drag her body out of the mud.

After spending the day at a Mt. Vernon hospital - Chitwood returned home to her boyfriend and son.

Other than the bruises and cuts that cover her now, she says she's doing okay.

"I am very very very grateful," Chitwood said. "And I thank god for all of them who was there to help me."

Chitwood says she is still pulling mud out of her hair on Monday.

She hopes her story cautions other about venturing off alone along Little Wabash River.

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