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Mayfield board reports 82 building demolitions

(Source: City of Mayfield) (Source: City of Mayfield)
(Source: City of Mayfield) (Source: City of Mayfield)
(Source: City of Mayfield) (Source: City of Mayfield)

Since 2011, a total of 82 structures that were formerly in Mayfield's neighborhoods, as well as business districts, have been removed.

For the neighbor or business that has endured those eyesores for awhile, it can be a great relief. One man who lives in the neighborhood where a broken down home was recently demolished says he's glad the city cleaned up the lot. 

"It just looks a lot better, at least it's clear, it's got potential maybe for someone who wants to actually build something," Pascasio Pacheco said.

The overall aesthetics of the city is a result of the work by the Office of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement, as well as the citizen-manned Condemnation Board. Mayor Teresa Cantrell says the goal is foster growth for the city.

"When you have abandoned, neglected properties in neighborhoods, it's definitely a deterrent for anyone coming in," Cantrell said. 

Building Inspector Nathan Lamb says abandoned and neglected structures are a problem all over town. 

"Nobody's fixed the roof, it's falling in, people don't want to look at that and we get calls like that all the time," Lamb said. 

The city has, over the past few years, significantly increased the line item for condemnation in its annual budget, which constitutes the reason why so many are disappearing.

While it costs an average of $3,000 per property for demolition, many of the 82 structures that are gone are paid for privately, while many are initiated by the actions of the city and its Condemnation Board.

Cantrell says the city spends about $40,000 per year to get rid of abandoned and neglected properties

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