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Bissell Flip It Vacuum

Does it Work Wednesday

Bissell Flip It Vacuum
By: Amy Jacquin

When you want to clean your hard floors, you probably start by sweeping, and end with scrubbing. The $100 Bissel Flip It vacuum claims to put both steps in one appliance.One screw attaches the handle, and it's ready to go.

"Removes dirt and grime, leaving a natural shine and it's safe to use," reads our volunteer tester. Eddie Farrow is married to a member of the Kage Homemakers club. Linda couldn't joins us for the test, but Eddie knows all about keeping a clean house... And both want to know if the Flip It works before they invest $100.

"This is the dry vacuum side, and that is the wet vacuum side," says Eddie, as he flips the handle around.

There is special Bissell cleaning solution recommended for use with the vacuum. One is for vinyl and tile... The other is for sealed hard wood. We start with the one for vinyl and tile. But before we use the wet side, we want to vacuum up the dry stuff. It picks up heavier pieces of dirt. But some of the light stuff, like hair, can get blown away if you move too fast. And Eddie discovers it doesn't fit completely under the cabinets... But going nose-first still allows you to pick-up most of the dirt.

"Now we're going to flip it over," he says as he keeps the machine running and just flops the handle from one side to the other. You hear a slight difference in sound, and when he pulls the trigger, water squirts out the bottom.

He takes aim at a glob of jelly that's smeared on the floor. It takes a few passes, but the Flip It removes the mess.

"I'll tell you what, that's not bad!" says a surprised Eddie.

Next Eddie takes aim at the grand baby's corner... with lots of sticky messes to wipe up. He pulls the trigger to spray cleaning solution as he pushes forward... And releases the trigger to suck-up the solution as he pulls back. The Flip It wipes up some spots, but the harder, drier, or crustier messes still require some elbow grease.

"The solution stuff has to get to soak in so it can break the harder stuff loose before it'll bring it up," he explains. "It's that way with pretty much everything."

Next we head to a tiled area with muddy prints. We want to see how the Flip It works in the grout lines. Even though Eddie doesn't press the trigger, the Flip It sill leaves a damp trail... We believe it's coming from the brush underneath, which is now wet. Either way, the vacuum sucks it dry enough to where the water evaporates very quickly.

"That's not mud?" Amy Jacquin asks. "No, that's part of the grout," answers Eddit. "Nope, it got it all up. It's not bad."

Eddie changes the cleaning solution to the one for sealed hardwood floors. He flips the solution tank over and sets it easily into the vacuum. Before we vacuum the wood floor, we cover the brush underneath with a softer pad.

"It just slides right in there," he says. "Well, how easy is that?"

It doesn't take long to see the Flip It also performs pretty well on the hardwood, removing some tracked-in dirt.

"It picked up a few spots on the hardwood floor," summarizes Eddie. "It took them up and it dried it right off the bat."

So the $100 Bissell Flip It won't remove all your messes... You'll still need to scrub some spots. But it does a decent job, especially for quick cleaning. So it earns a solid B.

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