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Pie Crust Maker

Does it Work Wednesday

Pie Crust Maker
By: Amy Jacquin

"This is a recipe my cousin gave me that mixes up and rolls in between wax paper," says our volunteer tester, Linda Farrow. "I thought maybe we'd try this recipe with this today."

The $3 Pie Crust Maker is a round , flat plastic bag with a zipper almost all the way around.

"Place a half of the prepared dough in the center and zip closed," Linda reads directions. "Roll the dough evenly from the center and around, until the pastry reaches the outer edge."

Linda's first recipe uses oil instead of shortening. It's not sticky, so she doesn't dust the bag with flour first. But she does drop some water underneath.

"Because it suctions it down to the table," she explains. "You see, with wax paper when I do this, I fight it constantly. That's why I'm thinking this would be good... if it works!"

But within seconds, the pie maker bag is slipping around.

"It's already moving," Amy Jacquin comments. "Yes," says Linda. "Can I try it on my counter top?"

But it doesn't stay put any better on the counter top... until Linda puts a wet paper towel underneath. And that does the trick. The bag hardly slips at all.

"Why is it important to have a perfectly round pie crust? "Amy asks.

"I guess if you want it on a pizza pan!" laughs Linda. "But I never make a perfectly round pie crust. I just make it enough to go over a pie pan and trim it off."

It's time to try transferring the crust to the pan.

"Normally I'd take it and I roll it like this so it doesn't rip, and then lay it over onto my pie pan," says Linda as she wraps the pie crust around the rolling pin.

But the Pie Maker says to put the pan upside down on the crust, and just turn the entire thing over. The 14-inch bag seems large. But we discover it's really about perfect for a 10-inch deep crust pie pan.

"You want it where you have enough edge that can you can seal the pie crust," she says.

Linda quickly trims the edge without taking time to make it fancy. She pops the first test into the oven, and while it bakes, she mixes another crust. This time she uses shortening, so it's much stickier. Again, she puts a wet paper towel underneath to stop the skid. And decides this second crust requires sprinkling the bag with flour first. The bag is easy to roll, but difficult to determine the thickness of the crust.

"It's harder because when you have it outside you can feel it, what is is like," she shrugs. "But in here you don't have the feel of that."

Still, Linda likes the Pie Crust Maker.

"I do," she nods. "It's a lot easier than fighting the wax paper."

And clean-up is not too bad... Just run your finger under both edges, and the rest easily washes off.

"I would use it," she summarizes. "I would give it a B, I really would."

Oh, if only it would guarantee we'd all get flakey crust like Linda's!

But it does help you roll the right size, and saves some of the hassle. So the $3 Pie Crust Maker earns a B.

By the way, we ordered this out of the Carol Wright gift catalog.

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