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One Step Pedicare: Does it Work?

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One Step Pedicare: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

The commerical for the One Step Pedicare claims this product allows you to file your feet without using your hands to do so.  You simply place the blue foot pad on your tub or shower, use the suction cups, and then rub your foot over it like you would an emery board or pumice stone.  I wonder: will this really stay in place while you're bathing, or will we end up slippin' and a slidin' all over the place?

For this test, I know the perfect person with just about the cutest feet I've seen, my friend, Jenny Pinkston of Benton, Missouri.

"Feels pretty rough--little scary almost," says Jenny as she feels the Blue One Step.

The instructions show different ways to use it.  You can massage, exfoliate or file your feet and toes.

"I think it's a great idea. I just hope it works," says Jenny.

Before we test to see if this thing will even stay in place, Jenny wants to know if the foot file itself really does its job.  She places her foot along the One Step and starts filing away.

"It's not as rough as I thought it'd be. If it'll stay in place in the shower and tub, I think it'd be good," says Jenny.

And, sorry guys! Jenny's not actually going get in the tub as normal--on camera--at least.  We are going to see if this thing slips around without the water running though before I let her use it on her own.

"This is the heel...oh!"  Jenny says as the One Step slides out of place slipping around the shower floor.

"It's not sticking at all," she laughs.

Hmmm....not off to a great start, at least in the shower.  However, we think it might be this particular flooring though because the foot file *does* stay in place on the tub.

"I love it! It does massage your feet and you feel it exfoliating, too," says Jenny using the One Step while seated in the tub.

Jenny even sees some results.

"My foot is a lot smoother compared to the other one I didn't use with the One Step," she notes.

I leave the One Step Pedicare with Jenny. She's going to try it in the tub and shower on her own, and let us know if it slips around when the tub's full of sudsy bubbles and when the shower floor is all wet.

....A few days later, Jenny says the One Step didn't work well in her shower.  It slipped a bit. However, she loves using it in the tub.  So much so...she's willing to look past the slippin' and a slidin' in the shower, and looks forward to splishing and a splashing with this in the tub.  She loves the exfoliating results.

"I take baths a lot, and I would definitely use this.  There's a little clean-up to do afterwards because the One Step really does work, but it's worth it,"  she says.

So, the $15-dollar One Step Pedicare polishes a B plus on this Does it Work test. 

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