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Twin Draft Guard: Does it Work?

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Twin Draft Guard: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

The Twin Draft Guard is supposed to slip right under your drafty door or window and seal it air-tight because it has two ways to close the gap.  I wonder: will you be able to shut the door with that thing underneath it?  I tested the Twin Draft Guard during one of the coldest days of the winter....let's see what I found.

The Twin Draft Guard's commercial says common "door snakes" or pillows that you put in front of your drafty door often need constant adjustment, but the Twin Draft Guard moves with the door instead, so you don't have to readjust anything.  I like the idea of sealing both sides of a door, but when I take the Twin Draft Guard out from the box, I'm a little skeptical.

First, you measure the door you're placing the Twin Draft Guard under.  Next, cut the styrofoam tubes down to match, and slide the tubes into the fabric sleeve.

I notice there's a lot of excess material.  I'm not sure if that's going to slide under the door or not.  Before we find out, I take a closer look at the product's commercial.

In that advertisement, the model tapes some a paper streamer to the door, then takes a hair dryer and blows air from the outside of the door.  On the inside of the home, we see the air blowing all around.  However, when the model places the Twin Draft Guard on the door and then uses the hair dryer, the paper streamer doesn't move at all, essentially proving the TWin Draft Guard works.  Well....I'm going to do a scaled-down version of that test!

It's obvious even without the hair dryer in-use, there's a draft blowing under the door I'm using.  My paper streamer is already moving.  I'm testing this product on a blustery, cold winter day in the Heartland.  No surprise, when I turn the hair dryer on, the paper streamers really bounce around.

Now, it's time for the true test.  I slide the Twin Draft Guard under the door with no problems.  It stays with the door as it opens and shuts.  I also notice the paper streamer isn't moving at all.  I'm starting to think this product will live up to its claim after all.  I turn on the hair dryer from the outside, and my video shows NO paper streamers moving at all!  Maybe the Twin Draft Guard really does seal this door air-tight!

So, regular Does It Work Wednesday viewers know I rarely hand out an A-plus grade, but I'm considering it for this. However, I might be a little picky here, but I would want to trim down the excess material.  Plus, I place a carpet rug on top of the tile floor, and the Twin Draft Guard takes the rug with it.  If I'm the homeowner, I'd want that rug there for all those dirty shoes coming in.  So, make sure you have a rug that stays in place well, and I don't think you'll have a problem with the Twin Draft Guard.  It definitely works great on tile and wood floors.  I also used it at KFVS12 and it stayed with the door just fine on thin carpet.  Hey---for ten bucks, it's worth it to see if it will work in your home.  I think it could help cut down on energy costs.

Again, the Twin Draft Guard is made pretty cheaply with its thin material and styrofoam tubes, but it seems to work really well.  It seals an air-tight excellent grade A and closes the door on this Does it Work test.

You can buy the Twin Draft Guard off television ads and online for about 20 bucks, but I found it in stores for half the cost.  I bought it for $10 at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Carbondale.  I did not test it on windows, since I had already cut the tubes to fit a specific door.  I would assume it would work just fine on windows, too.

Buy the Twin Draft Guard for half the cost at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Carbondale or order online at www.twindraftguard.coml You can also call customer service at 866-304-4225 (Monday thru Friday - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time).

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