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Go Duster: Does it Work?

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Go Duster: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

The Go Duster claims it can cut your cleaning time in half and even do the dusting for you.  It's neon green fibers spin around by battery power, claiming to pick up dust like no other dusting product out there.  To find out, I take the Go Duster to Mary's house in southern Illinois.  She admits she's a neat freak, and it pained her not to dust for this segment.

"It looks like it might be better for light dusting," says Mary immediately.

She pumps the special spray the Go Duster comes with, which supposedly has a patented chemical that's supposed to really attract the dust.  However, when we use this on Mary's staircase, we don't have much luck.  It moves through the spindles just fine, but we're not sure it's picking up any dust or dirt.

"I don't really see anything flying around.  Let's try it on the table.  Well, I don't think it's working well.  Normally, I'd use a polish, and it's not going to polish like it would with a rag.  It's not going to give your natural woods a luster," says Mary.

True.  Let's see though how the Go Duster picks up on some heavy dust.  Mary gives it another spray and presses the button.

"I don't see anything!  So, I'm not sure where it's going!" she says.

To test that---we shake the Go Duster into a trash can, just like the directions recommend for cleaning.  We don't see any dirt, just a bunch of loose green fibers.  We move onto Mary's china cabinet.

"It looks cleaner than this side where we haven't cleaned, but again I don't know where it's going!" says Mary.

We're about to solve that mystery.  We use the Go Duster on the top of Mary's kitchen cabinets.  Naturally, there's more dust up here, and the Go Duster claims that dust will stick to it, but in the bright light, we find that not to be true at all!

"It's definitely making the dust fly!  I can see from the light shining!" says Mary.

And in just a few minutes....the dust settles....and I mean it settles.

"You can actually see the dust on your handprint there," says Mary.

We bend down so we're level with the countertop.  There is dust all over it.  By the way, the dust also settled back onto the glass on the china cabinet.

"I can make fingerprints on it," says Mary. "I'd give it an 'F' for sure," she says.

I'm with ya', Mary, but I'll hold out for just one more task.  If this Go Duster can clean these very dirty blinds, I might be a little impressed.  We purposely didn't clean the blinds for one month.

And when I use the Go Duster on the blinds, it moves through each one, then CLOSES THEM SHUT!

It's obvious---I'm gonna close the case on this test, especially after I rinse it out, per the directions, and the water is absolutely clear---not dirty at all!

"Personally, I would not purchase it," says Mary.

And for 20 bucks---I wouldn't even use this like a light feather duster either.  A rag or a feather duster is cheaper and would work better for that.  Even a good "spin" won't give this product a passing grade.  The Go Duster fails the Does it Work test.

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