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Neti Pot: Does it Work for Your Health?

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Neti Pot: Does it Work for Your Health?
By: Lauren Keith

It may be one of the most bizarre items I've featured on a Does it Work test, but it may also have the most life-changing results!  I'm talking about the Neti Pot.  It looks like a teapot, but you actually stick it in your nose and rinse out any allergens or sinus-clogging mucus.  I kick off a week's worth of special Does it Work tests for Your Health, and travel to Advance, MO, to meet a couple who's tried the Neti Pot nasal rinse system themselves.

"You go to the doctor and they want to give you a bunch of medicines that dry you up for awhile, but it comes right back. So, we saw the Neti Pot and thought we'd try it out," says Kenny James of Advance.

Kenny suffers from frequent sinus headaches.  He also takes medication for other health issues, and that's why the all-natural Neti Pot interested him and his wife, Susan. However, that's not to say they were looking forward to actually using it.

You put the Neti Pot inside one of your nostrils.  Then its saline wash rinses through your nasal cavity and out the other side of your nose.  It's different and may even look a little gross, but it promises amazing results that anyone suffering from allergies or sinus headaches may be interested in seeing.

And listen to this...right after Dr. Oz featured the amazing results from the Neti Pot on the Oprah show recently, you couldn't even buy one locally! I searched in all of the Heartland states, and ended up ordering one online!  That's also around the same time, the James' emailed me asking if I'd feature the Neti Pot on Does it Work.

"This is the one she picked up.  I tried it for a week.  Everytime I used it, it stopped up my ears.  I just couldn't get it out," said Kenny.

Overall, Kenny says he could never quite get used to the Neti pot and the water trickling through his nose was just too much to handle.

However, I want to know if this works the same way for everyone...and there's only way to find out.

I have a lot of allergies.  There's no way I can ask someone to do this on camera, so I'll try it for you!

First, I fill up the Neti pot with warm water.  Then, I stir in one of the saline packets it comes with.  The directions say to keep your mouth open so you can breathe through it while you plug up your nose.  Here goes nothing....

"Oh my gosh, that's so weird!" I say as I use the Neti Pot.

Weird, yes....definitely keep a box of tissues nearby.  Immediately, you'll want to blow your nose, but...already...I can feel a major difference.

"I have to say I feel clean, but now I gotta do the other side, and I am embarassed to do this on camera!"

I find the more you do this, the more you get comfortable with it.  I really do see how this could help clear out my nasal passages, rinse out any allergens, and really just moisten things up.  If you've taken many allergy or cough meds, then you know they can be pretty drying.

 "That's amazing!"  I tell Kenny.

Again, Kenny, the sinus headache sufferer, had issues with the Neti pot.  He said it clogged up his ears.  So, he tried a sinus rinse you spray into your nose.

Kenny says the rinse is much more intense than your average nasal spray.  Again, this system uses saline water that your body is naturally accustomed to, just like the Neti Pot. Boy, has Kenny felt a difference!

"I tried this rinse and basically for the last two weeks, I haven't woke up with a sinus headache.  It is amazing!" he says.

He's been using the rinse each morning since, and resting a lot easier at night, too.  In fact, I spoke with the James' this week, and Kenny is now going on 28 days WITHOUT a sinus headache after using the special Sinus Rinse he bought at the Dexter Wal-Mart.

"If it'll help just one person, it's great.  Even though the Neti Pot didn't work for me, doesn't mean it would work for someone else," says Kenny.

That's true... and since airing this piece Monday morning on the Breakfast Show, I've had numerous emails from Heartland News viewers saying they use the Neti Pot daily and absolutely love it.  I'm looking forward to using it during the height of spring and fall allergy season.

Meantime, Kenny will keep using his sinus rinse, it's certainly clear, both these products ace the Does it Work test for Kenny and me, but you'll have to try it for youself. 

You can find most Neti Pots and the Sinus Rinse in local pharmacies and health stores.

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