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YourTurn - 2/25/08

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Betty Hellige from St. Louis:
"I am compelled to thank all Cape Girardeau area drivers for their empathy and respect shown by pulling over when they encounter a funeral procession.  In 2007, I returned to my hometown for the funerals of my sister and dad.  I was overwhelmed each time with the respect...shown to the participants in the funeral was an unexpected hug from all of you that I will never forget."

B. VanNoy from Charleston:
"I do not understand what steroid use by professional athletes has to do with Congress...(spending) time on these hearings is absurd.  (It's) another example of taxpayer money being wasted away."

Heartland viewer George Wallace:
"(Regarding) the smoking ban in Illinois... (many) ladies to not know how to take a bath...they feel they have to put on more perfume.  I have had to leave stores and restaurants because I could not take the overpowering smell of perfume.  Why don't they do something about that instead of picking on smokers?"

Henry Beal from Dix, Illinois:
"My view about drinking booze is that the legal age should be raised to 160.  If you trace back crimes you will find that 99.9% of all crimes start with booze."

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