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Fit Flop Shoes: Does it Work?

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Fit Flop Shoes: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

The makers of Fit Flop want you to believe they're the hottest new fitness shoes to hit the U.S.  They're apparently taking Europe by storm, so that said, it's time we take them for a stroll and see if Fit Flop fitness shoes step up to the Does it Work challenge. 

The shoes promise if you wear them, you'll tone your legs and gluteal muscles, even burn more calories.  Rebecca Lester of Cape Girardeau told me about them.  So, I'll have her try them on for this week's test.

"Obviously, they're not going to replace your regular workout, but I thought it'd be an easy way to sneak in some extra burn and supplement my workout," says Rebecca.

Rebecca works hard to stay in shape, but like me, she thinks these Fit Flops may be too good to be true.

"I'm a little skeptical," she says.

Fit Flops look like flip flops, except the arch of the shoe sits higher, perhaps to help you sculpt those leg muscles.  They're also a bit heavier than your average shoe.  Perhaps, that also helps you burn some calories and "get a workout while you walk," like the slogan reads on the bottom of the shoe.  But, is this a good idea?

As Rebecca takes the Fit Flops for a stroll, personal trainer Shawn Taylor weighs in, letting us know if these shoes can really help tone your derriere and legs!

"There may be some concern for anyone with knee or foot issues.  This has the potential to cause you some pain, because the arch of the shoe is different than where your foot normally lies, and I'm not sure that's a good idea," says Shawn.

We don't have to wait long to feel the burn either.  As soon as Rebecca sets foot in the Fit Flops, she has some real pain!

"I think there's going to be a breaking-in period.  They're really uncomfortable right now," says Rebecca. 

Given that, I let Rebecca take the Fit Flops home for a few days.  She promises to wear them daily for as long as she can, hoping to tone and burn calories, all the while.

So, do Fit Flops step up to the Does it Work test?

"I really can't tell it's doing anything," says Rebecca.

Rebecca says at one point, she wore the Fit Flops for three hours.  After that, her calf muscles felt sore, like she'd been power-walking, but she's still not convinced Fit Flops live up to their promise.  Plus, at 50 bucks for a pair, she's ready to tell Fit Flops to take a hike.

"I think 50 bucks is a lot to pay for something that you're not sure if it works," she says.

Shawn certainly agrees.

"The walking in general, that's the workout, not necessarily the shoe.  The shoe should be designed for comfort and support so you can work harder, and I just don't think it's working as promised," says trainer Shawn Taylor.

He says if these flip flops really worked....wouldn't companies like Nike or Asics already have made these?

"I wouldn't do anything over a ''D," says Shawn.

While we're not sure if you can really tone and trim with these flip flops, both Rebecca and I are sure we won't pay 50 bucks for these. The Fit Flops walk off with a "D minus" for their discomfort...and disappointment...on this Does it Work test.

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