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Ped Egg: Does it Work?

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Ped Egg: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

Hundreds of you requested I try the Ped Egg on Does it Work Wednesday, and as you requested, I try it before you buy it!  The $10 Ped Egg promises to file your feet, without hurting them, and without creating a mess.  I take it to the gals at River Radio in Cape Girardeau.

"It looks like a cheese grater! Looks kind of scary!" says Sherry Brown.

I agree, but the Ped Egg promises it's safe and easy to use.  Simply snap it all into place, and rub over your feet in one direction. The result should be smooth, callous-free feet, and no mess after you're done filing! So, let's see what the gals think....

"This is really disgusting, guys! Well, it doesn't hurt! Wow!" says Sherry.

What we see is impressive, but also messy! The Ped Egg promises all the shavings will stay in place in its container, but instead several of the foot filings fall onto the floor.  Most do go into the Ped Egg container, but it's not totally mess-free like it claims.  When Meg Davis uses it, you can see the results---also messy.

"Hey, don't laugh! I have really calloused feet! I wear heels a lot!"  Meg laughs.

Meantime, Jessie has the same results.

"It's snowing in my shoes!" she also laughs.

However, all three women really like the results, despite the mess. They say they even prefer the Ped Egg over a standard foot file or even a pumice stone.

"It feels a lot better than the stones.  Stones can hurt, but this doesn't," says Jessie.

So, can they suffer through the mess?

"I'm going to go and buy one!" says Meg.

Before we file a final grade, there's one final part of this test.  While the gals say this really doesn't hurt, let's see just how smooth it is.  Right here on the package, you can see, the Ped Egg is so gentle it won't burst a balloon---yeah right, I say!

"It didnt' pop a balloon! It works!" says Jessie.

You can see the tread on the balloon! We did push pretty hard.

"I give it an 'A'!" says Jessie.

Finally, take a look at Meg's cute feet.  On the left you barely see any calloused areas, and that's after using the Ped Egg for two minutes-tops!  Compare that to the foot which hasn't been buffed.

"I'd give it a B plus because it's great.  It works well.  It doesn't hurt, but I'd do it in the bathtub or put a towel down just on the mess," says Meg.

"I think I'd give it a B.  The skin falls and it's gross, but I'd give it a B," says Sherry.

For only 10 bucks, this is a foot file I think you'll be happy with...minus the mess.

The Ped Egg polishes a 'B' on this Does it Work test. 

Note:  Those with diabetes and problems with their feet should not use the Peg Egg, according to the product directions.  Also, the gals notice you can buy replacement blades for the Ped Egg, so they question how long it will last.  Again, at $10, they still will purchase one because of how great it works!

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