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Peticure Pet Grooming Tool: Does it Work?

Posted: Updated: April 2, 2008 12:01 PM CDT

Peticure Pet Grooming Tool: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

The Peticure promises to revolutionize the pet grooming industry.  This Dremel-inspired tool is a battery-charged nail file for your pets, primarily dogs.  It boasts itself as a safer way to trim nails.  It ranges in price, starting at $40 or so with shipping and handling.  It's only available online and off its TV commercials.  Many of you have requested I feature it on Does it Work Wednesday, including Missy Rush and Becky Francis of Jackson.

"The small dogs are horrible to cut their nails.  The fact that this is supposed to safer and it won't cut their foot in the process of them squirming when I use clippers makes the Peticure very attractive to me," says Missy Rush.

Simply charge up the Peticure, select a hole size, and put your pet's nail next to the rotating wheel, then file away.  This is supposed to be safer than clipping because you don't run the risk of getting too close to the pet's actual foot and cutting it. 

We'll see if Suzy the Blue Tick hound, Jessie and Mickey the miniature pinchscers, and Bindi and Radar the chihauhaus will all let us use this new nail-filing tool on their little but long nails.

"Jessie's the wild one!  In fact, if you get the toenail clipper out, she runs and hides!" says Missy.

Missy's not lying either! As soon as we flip the switch on this battery-charged Peticure, Jessie hits the stairs! So, let's try it on calm and gentle Suzy...

"Ok, here we go!  No, stay here Suzy, don't run!  It's ok, it's ok!" soothes Missy as the dog runs away!

Uh oh---we may not have a Does it Work test....but eventually, like a good girl, Suzy sits still and lets Missy file away.

"It's a slow process," says Missy as her Blue Tick hound whimpers in the process.

Guess we know how the dog feels, but Missy likes the smoothness left behind by the nail-buffing Peticure.  Let's go for a smaller dog now--Bindi, you're up!

"Once again, she doesn't like it," says Missy trying to use the Peticure on the little chihauhau.

However, Missy still feels the Peticure is safer than clippers.  Here's an upclose look at Bindi's buffed nails after her Peticure.  Now let's see how little Radar, the other chihauhau, adjusts to this vibrating sound of the Peticure.

You guessed it---more squirming!

"It's the noise that bothers them, and I think I'd just use fingernail clippers because it goes so much faster than with the Peticure," says Becky.

Becky's chihauahas easily let her clip away with a nail trimmer.  In fact, she trimmed an entire paw in the time it takes to file one nail with the Peticure.

Meantime, Jessie's still on the stairs letting us know she will not get a pedicure.  The other miniature pinscher, Mickey, lets us get close, but it took several treats for all the dogs to continue the filing process.

"So much easier to take them to the veterinarian!" says Missy.

Missy and Becky think other pet owners might have better luck.  I also talked to local veterinarians who say the Peticure is a great and safer idea, but getting your dog to sit still while using it is a whole different "feat." 

That said, the Peticure's commercial shows you can use it on cats, but with the bad luck we're having, we did not want to try it on cats, who often tend to not like being trimmed at all!  My Does it Work tests are designed to help you, but not harm us in the process, and we just weren't "up" for a possible cat scratch!

"I think it's something once we get used to, we'd grow to love," says Missy.

But Missy doesn't like the price.  The Peticure Petite costs about $50 with shipping and handling.  You should know I had a lot of trouble purchasing it online.  After many phone calls and emails to the company, two months later, I finally received the Peticure.  I'd wait till it's sold in stores, but that's my opinion.

"I'd give it a 'C'. I'm mixed on the price, but it's a decent product that works.  It's just not something my pets would like, at least at first.  Plus, my vet only charges me $9 to get my dogs trimmed, and I don't have to deal with the hassle and squirming, so I'll stick with that, but it is a good product for another pet owner," says Missy.

Fair enough---the Peticure files a C on this Does it Work test.

You can only buy the Peticure online at or off its television commercial at 1-800-933-2310.

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