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YourTurn - 4/14/08

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Gayla Johnson from Campbell, Missouri:
"There seems to be more states revoking the motorcycle helmet law.  I like to ride and helmets are hot, uncomfortable, and mess up my hair.  I also wear a seat is the first thing I do when in a vehicle.  I don't understand why a person would have to buckle up and then be allowed to ride without a helmet...this seems redundant..."

Nancy Rushing from Poplar Bluff, Missouri:
"On (Mike Smythe's ViewPoint) regarding theaters and booze (3/30/08-Theaters & Booze), what is this country coming to?  Can't you let your teenager or pre-teenager go to the moves anymore without worrying about them being bothered by some drunk?"

Sharon DeGiosio from Sedgewickville, Missouri:
"I am becoming a loyal follower of Dexter (on KFVS12).  I've told friends...about the new hero of Sunday night television.  Thanks for shows that let the good guys win...taking out the bad guys is a good thing!"

Margie Beakley from Jackson, Missouri:
"Isn't there something you can do about showing such bad things as Dexter (on KFVS12)?  We try to teach our children that they should trust the police and you show this to them?

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