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YourTurn - 4/21/08

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Ashley Cross from Dexter, Missouri:
"I think older workers are more dependable (1/21/08-Older Workers).  (They) take fewer sick days and are on time...younger people should make sure we have a job that puts back money for when we are older...we need to do something about it now."

Steve Boren from Cape Girardeau:
"I believe Wal-Mart was right in the Shank case.  I was hurt on the job and declared disabled by the Social Security Administration.  Before I could receive any money, I was required to sign a form saying that if I won a Workers' Compensation Claim I would pay back all the money given to me by the SSA.  This is money I paid in during my 40 plus work years."

Cheryl Brace from Perryville:
"In regards to Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on booze and movies (3/30/08-Therters & Booze), I think it is a shame that a business owner has to sell alcohol to get about a clean, friendly atmosphere where you don't have to put up with obnoxious people when they have had too much to drink.  It's bad enough that drive-ins were taken away."

Virginia Josephs from Scott City, Missouri:
"I have enjoyed the Dexter series.  I was glad that KFVS gave us something to watch during the writers' strike.  At least I knew it was fiction, not like the so-called reality shows that have contestants demeaning each other for money.  When a show I don't like airs, I have a choice to change the channel or turn off the set."

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