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YourTurn - 6/2/08

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Brooksie and Dave Gardner from Princeton, Kentucky:
"In 2001, our son Warren was honored by KFVS12 as one of "The Heartland's Best."  This year he graduated with honors from Samford University in Birmingham as a Doctor of Pharmacy. Thank you for your confidence in our son."

Paul O'Hara from Carbondale, Illinois:
"Mike Smythe's comments about drivers on cell phones were excellent. (5/18/08-Cell Phone Distractions)  Yield right of way has turned into 'get out of my way' and that is the attitude far too many drivers have now...I hate the thought of somebody getting creamed on the highway because of some rude, thoughtless cretin behind the wheel of a car."

Bill Hudson from Sesser, Illinois:
"I'm a trucker and can't help but see all the memorials alongside our highways for traffic fatalities.  I understand the grief of losing a loved one but isn't that what cemeteries are for, memorials?  How can people be so self absorbed not to realize what they are doing to those of us who work out here AND OUR FAMILIES.  I would much rather not see the look on my kids' faces (when they see memorials) and have to answer ‘Daddy are you going to get killed on the road?'"

Judy White from Fredericktown, Missouri:
"Thank you to KFVS for the broadcast of Bowling's Clash of Champions in May. There is always baseball, golf and football.  It was good to see bowling for a change."

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