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YourTurn - 6/23/08

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Tom Keele from Texico, Illinois:
"Local channels were the only (ones) I felt I could watch that were not repulsive...things have been changing for the worst.  Swingtown really take the cake.  It is very immoral and should not be watched by anyone.  Swinging should not be glamorized...please keep our local channels smut free."

Heartland viewer Roberta Williams:
"I am extremely disturbed about the storyline of (Swingtown) and find it appalling that CBS considers a TV show that openly promotes sexual promiscuity and alternative sexual lifestyles as entertainment...this program belongs on cable...I have a choice in NOT watching CBS or supporting the advertisers."

Lee Unterreiner from Perryville, Missouri:
"I am glad Mike Smythe addressed the problems of digital TV (6/8/08-The Big Switch)...he (discussed) the reception problems I have witnessed and converter boxes are different.  I was considering scrapping my current antenna but now know better.  I think I will just wait to see what comes out later."

Ken Robinson from Cape Girardeau:
"Ethanol is a rip-off.  It does nothing but lower gas mileage.  I just came back from a trip and received 30 miles per gallon with Ethanol blended gas.  On my return trip without Ethanol my mileage was 36.5.

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