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YourTurn - 8/18/08

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Thomas Earle from Murphysboro, Illinois:
"On the topic of baggy pants, it is OK for dress codes in school to tell kids what to wear but on the street it is not.  It is like freedom of is one of our civil liberties.  We've lost several already, let's not lose more."

Dan Williams from Cape Girardeau:
"Kids wearing their pants low with the underwear showing is a disgrace and a poor image to put forth to the world.  We get a lot of tourism in the area.  Would you want to travel 2000 miles to a famous restaurant in Sikeston only to see kids running around with their underwear hanging out?  Sorry kids, it is the biggest sign of disrespect possible, pull them up."

Ladonna Statler from Marble Hill, Missouri:
"Warning to all consumers!!  We are forced to pay way too much for our gas and this causes food prices to rise as well as electric (rates).  Has anyone noticed the price of trash or, in my case, dumpster service?  I get ripped off every month with bogus charges on my little red dumpster.  (This) is just a warning to look over your bill and watch out for those ‘extra' charges.  How can you be accused of having ‘extra' trash when the lid still closes?"

Matt Stark from Charleston, Missouri:
"Why do I have to choose a party ticket I want to vote on (in the primary election)?  I consider myself and independent and very often will make split decisions...I was forced to vote with the Democratic ticket to be able to vote for our local election in Charleston.  I wanted to vote for Hulshof and couldn't...why not list the candidates by name and let us decide who we want?"

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