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Sham Wow: Does it Work?

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Sham Wow: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

Viewers have loaded my inbox the last few weeks with emails requesting I try Shaw Wow absorbent cloths on Does it Work Wednesday.  Even though I've already tested a very similar product, called Zorbeez, I do "try it before you buy it."  So, here is the highly-requested Does it Work test.

In the Sham Wow commercial you see the "tester" wring out a half-can of spilled soda. The special cloths absorb it without even patting it down or anything!  That is pretty amazing, so right away, I'm going to let you know if that works.  We're at Fire Station #1 in Cape Girardeau---I'll explain why the "B Crew" wants to know if Sham Wow lives up to its claim in a bit.  First, we see a damp Sham Wow cloth does sop up our spilled soda! We didnt' even touch it!

"It did more than I thought, " said firefighter Lucas Simmons.

Next, Simmons hammers down on the cloth, just like the directions recommend.  The evidence is wringing out---we have a pretty full bowl of spilled soda collected by the Sham Wow cloth.

I'm pretty impressed so far, but does this work any better than say a paper towel or a dish cloth?

"1-2-3!"  Just like that the firefighters and I do a comparison "mop up."

It wows us here, doing a much better job than the paper towel.  Results are about even with the dish cloth.

I have four more tests to do here, including one I'm really interested in---the sweater test.

Captain Brad Dillow gets the call now.  He rolls up my wet sweater in the Sham Wow.  We can feel the outside of the cloth getting damp, and sure enough, it already feels dryer.  That is, if you don't mind a few spots left behind from the towel-like cloth.  I'm pretty sure the lint-looking particles came from the chemical in the towel.  You're supposed to leave it to dry inside the rolled up Sham Wow for a few hours.

"We'll see," says Capt. Dillow.

We'll move outdoors for the next part of this jam-packed, viewer requested Does it Work test.  Fire station 1 is a busy place.  When the crew isn't out on an emegency call, the firefighters spend a lot of time cleaning!

"We'll go through several towels just drying this truck off!" says Dillow.

If Sham Wow works, it could cut down on time spent laundering towels and perhaps, time spent drying off fire engines.  Here we go...

"It might be just a little better than a regular towel," says Dillow.

But it's no match for a dry terry towel or a regular chamois cloth.

"Would you buy this?" I ask firefighter Billy Crump.

"Not to use it for my vehicle, no," he says.

Boy, does he mean it! Billy Crump offically becomes the "clean-up guy" in this test.  He finishes the job here, wiping over the spots the Sham Wow cloth missed.  Then, when we compare his now damp terry towel to a wet Sham Sow cloth..

"I'll still beat it," he boasts.

Sure enough---there he goes again....finishing the job.

"Right now, we're going to stick to our regular towels," says Crump.

Yup---Sham Wow works; the most impressive test was all the soda the cloths sopped up, but a few hours later, my sweater is still wet.  In fact, I left it with the crew and it NEVER fully dried.  We're also not convinced this $25 product is a good buy compared to other household cleaners.

"C plus!" the crew shouts.

No argument here---Sham Wow cleans up a C+ on this Does it Work test.  I bought it online.

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