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YourTurn - 9/15/08

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Jeff Seyer from Edwardsville, Illinois:
"I was pleasantly surprised to see the Southeast Missouri State University football game on KFVS12's WebCast.  I first heard about these WebCasts during Notre Dame's basketball season.  You do a great job and the picture quality is excellent.  The addition of SEMO sports to the WebCast lineup is fantastic.  I also noticed that it's not just football but women's soccer and volleyball. (I'm) a die hard all-sport SEMO fan and you can be sure I'll be tuned into those contests. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Bill Clanahan, from Poplar Bluff:
"We connected our laptop to our video projector and watched the Southeast Missouri State University (WebCast) game on our 96 inch screen.  The quality is surprisingly good.  We saw our son, a first year junior at SEMO, in the crowd. Thanks for covering the game!  

Tad Ziehm from Dahlgren, Illinois:
"I am not gay and believe in one man and one woman (in the sanctity of marriage).  It seems to me that the argument against gay marriage is flawed (but) where is the sanctity in that if I get tired of you I can just simply kick you out the door and start all over again? (Marriage) should be for life, not for awhile.

Mike McWilliams from Dexter, Missouri:
"Where's the mercy?  No dental insurance...correct me if I am wrong but aren't teeth considered body parts that need medical attention in an emergency?

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