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YourTurn - 9/22/08

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Tom Grassham from Paducah:
"I am insulted by the newscasters that use the term ‘the greatest generation' in reference to the World War II veterans.  I believe we should honor all generations that served our country.  I do not believe the service of any generation is greater than any other.  The only exception is those patriots of the Revolutionary War.  That is actually the greatest generation."

Heartland viewer Terry Riley:
"Thanks to Mike Smythe for his ViewPoint segment.  It's great to get people to think and debate do I go about complaining about the pop-up ‘mini-commercials' that are shown on the networks?  I believe they are called snipes."

Don Robinson from Malden, Missouri:
"We hear of a disgruntled person taking a firearm into an office and venting his rage.  I have often said ‘that person is completely crazy.'  After dealing with Missouri state employees for nearly a year over a child support issue I can fully understand how someone can do such a thing.   I have dealt with lawyers, senators, office managers, and an unending barrage of answering machines that never return your telephone calls...they have taken my driver's license my social security check and I'm going to lose my house soon..."

Bobby Eldridge from Sikeston, Missouri:
"Mike Smythe has politics on his mind...I think we have the most wasteful government in the world...Iraq needs to be giving us at least 20% of their oil production for what we have done and continue to do for that country....Congress is going to continue to give our money away.  At this point, I believe it is unstoppable."

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