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YourTurn - 10/6/08

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Cathy Stanfield from Bernie, Missouri:
"I agree with what Mike Smythe said about doctors and their salaries (9/14/08-Boomers' Medical Report).  But, what about the teachers (who) allow them to enter their profession with a good daughter is a high school math teacher and is getting her master's degree.  The raise she will (receive) doesn't come near matching the debt she will incur for furthering her education."

Johnny Guffy from Jackson, Missouri:
"Is it possible for KFVS12 to turn off the analog equipment for only a few minutes to allow people a chance to test their home equipment for ‘The Big Switch?"  The opportunity to test might calm nerves, open some eyes, and make this transition somewhat easier."

Some stations across the country have participated in a mock shutdown of their analog signal. Instead of actually terminating the signal, they air a graphic informing those who see it that they are not ready for the switch.  We have considered a mock analog shut down but our situation is complicated by the fact that our digital transmitter is temporarily assigned to UHF channel 57.  After February 17th when we actually shut down the analog transmitter on VHF channel 12, we'll move our digital signal from channel 57 back to channel 12.  This could cause confusing results for some viewers. For example, a viewer watching analog channel 12 who sees the interruption graphic may think they're not ready for the digital switch.  They may then purchase a UHF antenna capable of receiving channel 57 only to find that, after February 17th our digital signal is now back on VHF channel 12.  Inversly, an over-the-air viewer using a UHF antenna to watch our digital signal on channel 57 who doesn't see the interruption graphic, may think they are completely ready for the digital switch. After February 17th, if they have a UHF-only antenna, they may not receive the digital signal.

We understand that this is a very confusing, and potentially inconvenient issue for our over-the-air viewers.  Here is a link to a new list of frequently asked questions created specifically for KFVS12 OTA viewers:

Frequently Asked Questions for KFVS12 over-the-air viewers

Retha Nunn from Johnson City, Illinois:
"Progressive Insurance hikes prices on people who do not have any accidents...I have a perfect driving record and don't understand (why).  I am 42 years old."

Steve Mattingly from Dexter, Missouri:
"As a senior living only on my income of less than $19,000 I watched oil prices spike at $147 a barrel and gas over $4 per gallon. Now that oil is (lower) gas prices are three cents higher than when oil was $147. Something is wrong with this picture."

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