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YourTurn - 10/27/08

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Naomi Brantley from Charleston, Missouri:
(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on gay schools) 10/12/08-Gay School  "I just don't get it...I'm not given any special treatment because I'm heterosexual and...who cares? (Gay schools) will do more harm than good."

Steve Huffman from Cape Girardeau:
"Is the gay school privately funded?  Is the construction of more schools being discussed? (How about schools for the) obese, ugly, slow, smart, African-American, Asian, White, and Hispanic?   We need a post graduate counseling complex to help young adults face the cruel world.  Mike Smythe has joined my list of favorite journalists:  Charles Kuralt, Charles Osgood, Andy Rooney, and Robert D. Raiford."

Kim Clark from Poplar Bluff:
"I am for equal rights and (a gay school) seems to be the opposite...the school could become a victim of hate crimes.  This concept is a BAD idea!"

Ben Eubanks from DuQuoin, Illinois:
"With all the talk of the rich Wall Street CEO's helping themselves to millions of dollars of what will be paid by tax payers, I have yet to see any word about prosecution of the RATS!  If this type of behavior is left unchecked, we have no justice in America!"

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